Animal Planet Bangladesh APB

Animal Planet Bangldesh

We are animal lovers and hate to see them neglected on the streets. We are teenagers trying to make Bangladesh a safer place for Animals

Call us or send us a message!

We try to be there where animals need us. Shoot us a message to report animals in need.

Open for emergencies 24/7

Contact Us at +880 1303-397688 (Founder and Chairman- Azizul Hakim Honey)

Welcome to Animal Planet Bangladesh APB.

We are youngsters trying to make the streets of Bangladesh safer for our fur friends out there who do not have the help they need. We are providing on-spot treatment for animals and help them get back on their feet. We can change, one small paw at a time!

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For Any Rescue, Adoption or any animal cruelty happens in you territory, Please Inbox Us or Post that in Our group Named Animal Planet Of Bangladesh.




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